After The Election (What to do about Donald Trump)

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Okay, listen up. This pro Trump/anti-Trump babbling is accomplishing nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. 

It’s no big surprise to anyone who knows me that I did not vote for Trump. If you want your opponents to pay attention to what you have to say, listen to me, fellow voters: this is only marginally about policy and, as long as you continue to argue from that angle, you’re going to accomplish NOTHING.

Do you want change? Then approach your discussions from a different point. This is the REAL issue: Donald Trump is a bad person. You get me? He is more than just mean. He’s a proven hate-filled, evil degenerate. In fact, he brags about it. Even his true followers know that – many of them just don’t care. 

But here’s the thing – and listen up because this is crucial…

MANY people are confused and frustrated; they don’t know what to…

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Release Blitz!

Mistaken Identity

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Mistaken Identity

Book Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 1, 2016
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The only thing Briana and Tiana have in common are their identical looks. For Tiana, life is one challenge after another, but her greatest struggle is sharing a face with the sister she despises. Tired of living in the shadows, she comes up with a plan to finally have everything she ever wanted.

Everything seems to come easy for Briana, including her beautiful children, loving husband and dynamic career. Briana’s charmed life is ripped apart when she wakes up in the hospital with no idea who she is and no memory of her former life. With the help of the handsome stranger who saved her, Briana builds a new life and finds new love, while Tiana won’t rest until Briana has no life at all.


His honey brown eyes searched hers. Charles felt her sincerity, and raw emotion ran through his gut. He was aware of her warm, soft, body invading his space, and he didn’t mind it one bit. His lips met hers and they kissed. A simple kiss at first, then his hands wrapped around her waist and their kiss deepened. He turned her toward him and she straddled his lap. They kissed like long lost lovers, his lips sucking the bottom and top of her lips before inserting his tongue in her mouth.

Briana’s stomach was in knots and she savored the taste of him. A moan left her mouth and found its way down Charles throat, which was met with his own barbaric, sexually stimulated grunt. As Briana slightly pulled away from him for air, Charles rained kisses down her chin, across her face and to her neck. Briana felt his arousal grow beneath her, which made her body heat up from the bottom of her toes to the top of her ears.

In a breathless voice, Briana spoke. “Maybe we should slow down.”

After she said it, she regretted it. No way did she want to slow down, at least that’s what her body told her. Charles’ fervent kisses slowed, but didn’t completely stop. Briana had set his emotions on high, and every loin in his body wanted her right then and right now. Slowly, he sat back, his broad shoulders and chest heaving, forcing himself to comply with her wishes.

“That wasn’t very Christ like, now was it?” Charles said with little amusement.

Briana fidgeted. “It’s just that…” She searched for the right words to say. “I don’t want our lovemaking to be in vain. I don’t want it to happen because you’re feeling vulnerable right now.”

Charles regarded her for a long moment, his thick eyelashes hovering over his strong penetrating gaze. His tongue swept across his bottom lip as he assessed her, tasting the sweetness she’d left lingering on his mouth.

“I can assure you,” he said, his voice deep and husky, “when we do make love, there will be nothing vain about it.”

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meet the author

stephStephanie Nicole Norris is an author from Chattanooga Tennessee with a humble beginning. She was raised along with six siblings by her mother, Jessica Ward. Always being a lover of reading from early childhood Stephanie loved to read books by R.L. Stine. With a natural talent for writing Stephanie started her journey in 2010 to bring her stories to life. In 2011 her Debut Novel “Trouble In Paradise” was completed and shortly published in early 2012. Stephanie’s words tell stories of love, drama, deception, suspense, and restoration. She is inspired by the likes of Eric Jerome Dickey, Jackie Collins, Gwynne Forster, and more. She resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Mistaken Identity

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It’s Time For A Giveaway!

Hey peeps it’s that time again and I know some of you have been waiting for another contest.  So lets get ready for this fun giveaway!  How can you win you ask?  It’s simple!  My media page on is currently under construction, It will have a gallery section full of fun photos of people I’ve met while out and about, at different events, and YOU!  All you have to do is send in your photo of you with your book Trouble In Paradise, Vengeful Intentions, or both! 

Send them to: Once you send in your photo, you will get a email with a raffle ticket attached letting you know you’ve been entered into a drawing to win what’s in the bag!!  I am so excited about this giveaway, I love my readers and having fun with people who support me It’s great!  This giveaway ends October 19, 2012 so get those pictures in!

Love Is A Drug Ink 

Vengeful Intentions is on Kindle!

The time has come, have you read Trouble In Paradise?  If so, then you should be pumped up and ready for part 2. In Trouble In Paradise, we learned about Victoria Mathis and Joshua Eubanks two love birds that were relocating to another city (Chicago) and looking forward to the next steps in their future right?  Wrong! While they take the chance to leave and start anew.  Joshua is holding on to a major secret. He and his ex-girlfriend Danielle Shumaker have a on again off again sexual relationship and of course Victoria doesn’t know about it. Yet!

In this dramatic love story, Victoria, Joshua, and Danielle are caught up in one of the craziest love triangles known to man! Along for the ride is best friends Shayla Morrison better known as Shay, Dantae Matthews and even Danielle’s best friend Leon Taylor. These friends are a fantastic mix as all their lives intertwine to give you an exciting, breathtaking, screaming at the book, wet down below, laughable, heartbreaking escape into Trouble.

Eight months later, we catch up with the full crew in Vengeful Intentions which includes Greg and Caroline and even introduce a couple of key players Shelia Carmichael who is Leon Taylor’s cousin. Also, Brandon Lamone a correctional officer, District Attorney Barry Grounds, Internal Affairs Agent Lena Meens, and Judge Raymond Farragose. By now, you have experienced a different type of urban drama and should be ready for more! If you are head on over to my place and get part 2 of Trouble In Paradise. It is available on Kindle, Smashwords, Nook and pre orders for paperback.  I have to say I’ve truly enjoyed writing this series and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much! Make sure to leave your reviews on Amazon when your done reading.  There are contest with awesome prizes coming up but you must have read Vengeful Intentions to have a chance to win! Full details coming soon. ~Love Is A Drug Ink

Contest Winners

The time has come! Thank you to everyone that participated in the Love Is A Drug contest I enjoyed getting your tweets it was truly fun.  Now I know you have been wondering WHO WON?  My first intentions were to release the names the day before the book goes live on Amazon but we are still about a week or two away before that day comes.  I know, I’m ready too but trust my point is to make sure I present a properly edited and HOT book for your enjoyment. 

MeTova Hollingsworth
Laquisha Dean
Jacole Laryea
Tonikia Trotter
Ollie Moss

Congrats! You’ll receive a ebook copy the day of the release!
If your name is on this list make sure to post and leave your email address associated with your ereader!  If you didn’t win don’t fret there will be more contests in the future to play and win awesome prizes so make sure you stay connected!